Malachi Griffith, PhD

Associate Lead

Dr. Griffith is Associate Professor of Medicine (oncology) and Genetics and Assistant Director of the McDonnell Genome Institute at Washington University Dr. Griffith’s research is focused on the development of personalized medicine strategies for cancer. He develops bioinformatics tools and methods for the analysis of high throughput sequence data to improve our understanding of cancer biology, treatment and mechanisms of resistance. In the past few years, immunogenomics has become a major focus of his research. Dr. Griffith is a co-chair of the Global Alliance for Genomic Health Variant Interpretation for Cancer Consortium and also co-chair of the ClinGen Somatic Clinical Domain Working Group. He has published over 110 studies, received numerous research awards and honors and held several large grants from NIH including a K99/ROO Career Development Award, U01/U24 for Development of Informatics Technologies for Cancer Research, and others. He has mentored more than 50 bioinformatics trainees and taught more than 500 as an instructor Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories and several international research institutions and Bioinformatics Workshop organizations.