ICTS Precision Health Team Develops Genomic Return of Results Service  (Links to an external site)

Returning genetic results to research participants requires thoughtful planning. ICTS Precision Health at Washington University in St. Louis, aims to catalyze genomic research by providing grant review and development services, guidance and resources for genomic researchers and genomics education in the community. Precision Health is a component of the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences’ Clinical and Translational […]

Equity for African Americans in Alzheimer’s disease (Links to an external site)

Alzheimer’s disease is like two deaths, said Stephanie Griffin, whose father died of the brain disease in 2015. “It’s horrific,” she said. “First, you watch them lose the ability to talk, to think, to do any of the things they used to do. And then, to see them pass because of it? It’s just … […]

Cancer genomics database recognized as global biodata resource (Links to an external site)

Malachi Griffith (left) and Obi Griffith

A vast database of cancer genomics knowledge started by Washington University scientists has been named a Global Core Biodata Resource by the Global Biodata Coalition. Led by twin brothers Malachi Griffith, PhD, and Obi Griffith, PhD, both associate professors of medicine, the CIViC “knowledgebase” helps match genetic mutations driving a patient’s cancer growth with possible treatments that target those mutations.

Chris Gurnett presents at NextGen Precision Health Discovery Series (Links to an external site)

Christina Gurnett

Dr. Christina Gurnett talked about the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences Precision Health function, including efforts to integrate of genomic and electronic health record data, engage community and research participants through return of research results, and her own basic science research developing methods to quantify the functional effects of thousands of gene variants using […]

University joins All of Us Research Program with support from the ICTS

by Julia Evangelou Strait•May 12, 2021 To help understand the complex factors that contribute to human health and disease, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has joined the All of Us Research Program, an initiative of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that seeks to build a large, detailed biomedical data resource that reflects […]

Chris Gurnett, MD, PhD and Jason Newland, MD, MEd awarded $5 million COVID-19 grant

Congratulations to Chris Gurnett and Jason Newland who were awarded a $5 million Rapid Accelerating of Diagnostics in Underserved Populations (RADx-UP) grant to study the barriers and facilitators of SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic testing and effective communication strategies to encourage weekly testing of a vulnerable school community. The ICTS Precision Medicine Function Leadership team played a pivotal […]

Patricia Cavazos, PhD awarded STTR grant

As a result of her Venture Café session titled “Mobile Tools to Assess Health and Wellness” in February 2019, Dr. Patricia Cavazos-Rehg and collaborator Micah Goodman secured a Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant to develop a mobile application to support patients who misuse opioids with accessible, useful feedback, all while gathering real-time data that […]

Dustin Baldridge, MD, PhD, Awarded K08

Congratulations to our client Dustin Baldridge, MD, PhD on his K08 award, titled “Harnessing Missense Variants of Unknown Significance in Translational Discovery.”  Dr. Baldridge gave us this comment about ICTS Precision Medicine Research Development Services: The Research Forum experience and the advice I received from members of the Precision Medicine Team were extremely helpful in […]

Newly launched website with resources from ICTS Precision Medicine!

Welcome! The ICTS Precision Medicine function leadership is excited to announce the launch of their new website.  We have included many genomic resources and ICTS Precision Medicine services specifically to facilitate and support genomic/precision medicine researchers.  We will be updating the calendar of events routinely with opportunities to attend or participate in precision medicine outreach.  […]