Venture Café
Emre Toker, MSEE
How to Start a Healthcare Startup

August 19, 2021
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Online on Zoom

Precision Medicine Thursdays at Venture Café
Attendance is FREE and open to all.


Emre Toker, MSEE
Entrepreneurship for Biomedicine (E4B) Program, Director
Washington University in St. Louis
Serial Entrepreneur
Angel Investor

Are all healthcare startups, whether in drug development, medical devices, diagnostics, information technology, etc., subject to similar principles of entrepreneurship?  If so, what are these common principles, as well as those elements that are specific to a particular healthcare startup domain?  How can scientists, with little to no training in business, maximize their chances of success as emerging entrepreneurs?


On the third Thursday of every month, ICTS Precision Medicine hosts a session featuring WashU faculty working in translational genomics/precision medicine areas. Talks are typically oriented toward biotechnology, diagnostics, informatics, start-ups and precision interventions based on medical genomics innovations.