Venture Café
Justin Sacks, MD, and Matthew MacEwan, MD/PhD
Pathways to Commercialization: Pressure Ulcer Patch and Engineered Tissue for Chronic Wounds

April 15, 2021
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Venture Café Virtual,

Precision Medicine Thursdays at Venture Café
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Justin Sacks, MD, MBA, FACS
Division Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Washington University in St. Louis

Clinical Translation of a Device and System for Preventing the Development of Pressure Ulcers 
The “Mercury Patch” is a single-use disposable device capable of performing continuous bedside pressure monitoring, preventing pressure ulcer development / progression, and reducing hospital liability and spend related to pressure ulcer care. This talk describes the pathway from clinical need, biomedical intervention and potential solution.  

Matthew MacEwan, MD, PhD
Founder/Chief Science Officer of Acera Surgical, Inc.

Clinical Translation of Synthetic Nanofiber Matrices for Treatment of Chronic Wounds
Engineered nanofiber matrices have been shown to be effective as scaffolds for promoting cellular ingrowth and new tissue formation, but have not been widely adopted in clinical devices. The present talk highlights the path of development and commercialization of the first resorbable synthetic nanofiber matrix approved for human clinical use; including initial product design, pre-clinical testing, regulatory approval, and clinical use in various wound care settings.

On the third Thursday of every month, ICTS Precision Medicine hosts a session featuring WashU faculty working in translational genomics/precision medicine areas. Talks are typically oriented toward biotechnology, diagnostics, informatics, start-ups and precision interventions based on medical genomics innovations.