The Precision Health Function aims to facilitate genomic research by making genomic resources more accessible and useful to a wide variety of researchers and providing free grant proposal services to translational genomics and precision health researchers.

ICTS UK Biobank Genomic Repository

To facilitate genomic research, the ICTS Precision Health Function has established the ICTS UK Biobank Genomic Repository.  This Repository includes genomic data for 500,000 participants from the UK Biobank and has been enriched through annotation by the McDonnell Genome Institute (MGI).  Using the ICTS UK Biobank Genomic Repository allows researchers to access a curated and enriched version of the data.  The Repository is stored with Research Information Services (RIS) and is available for access by all approved UK Biobank users at WUSM.

If you have an approved UK Biobank project and would like access to the ICTS UK Biobank Genomic Repository for yourself and your research team, please email the Precision Health Administrator Debra Warren at

To register for a UK Biobank account, visit:

Details about the ICTS UKB Repository can be found in the documents below.